Product Review: Flipbelt Crops

“Disclaimer: I received an pair of Flipbelt Crops to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Some runners can just show up for a run with their running shoes, clothes, and be good to go – not me!  Whether it’s a 3 mile run, or a 20 mile run, I always have a ton of crap seem to “need.”  Space for my phone, my keys, my Shot Bloks, salt pills, etc.  I’ve even had to carry a small charging cord and extra battery pack for my phone at times.

On a training run, I usually suck it up with my water belt, since I like to have water easily accessible to me for runs that are longer than an hour, but on race day – forget it.  Why am I paying for aid stations to be weighed down by a water belt? I was using an elastic race belt for years, but as “free” race photos became more prominent, it was more and more obvious to me that the thing was NOT flattering.  Elastic and women’s bodies are not a great combo.

Enter FlipBelt – my perfect race day solution. Not only can I cram all the fuel I need in there, plus my phone, with no worries about being weighed down, or bouncing, it looks good, too! A wide belt that cinches at your waist is SO much better than elastic pulling on your stomach.  These guys must be geniuses.

My original FlipBelt Belt held up great for 48.6 miles!

So, when I had the chance to review their new FlipBelt Crops, I was literally jumping for joy.  These capris have the same built in pockets as the belt, but you don’t even have to wear one at all! Before the package even arrived to me, I was thinking if these crops are half as functional as the original belt, I was going to have a new favorite pair of running pants.  I was a little unsure what size to order (mainly because I never know what size I am these days!) and based off the size chart, I was a bit in between sizes (story of my life).   My current FlipBelt is a XS and fits me well, but I knew pants would have to go over more places then a belt.   I went with my gut and went up to a S in the pants.

Fun mail day – my FlipBelt Crops arrived!

Luckily when I had my pants arrived, I tried them on, and I had made the right call on sizing.  I pulled them on, and it was love at first sight.  So comfortable, so flattering.   Even my husband made a comment that he thought the pants looked fantastic.   And the best part? They had the same right tech specs as the belt.   There is a huge pocket on the back with a zipper that you can easily stash cash, cards, etc.  I like to keep my phone in the back large pocket personally, flat against the small of my back, because these iPhones are getting so dang large these days.

Awesome zippered back pocket

The front pockets are super roomy (they go continuously around the waist, just like the original FlipBelt) so there is plenty of room to store ALL your fuel, or anything else you need.  There is even a hook for you to easily clip your keys onto.  True story: I have come this close to losing my car keys on the race course and I have lost my house keys on a training run before, so this feature is actually life-changing for me.

NO more lost key stress – hooray!

But the biggest question – did they hold up on the run, especially with all the “stuff”?  I am happy to say, yes, absolutely! Just like the original FlipBelt belt, I hardly noticed all the stuff I had crammed in there.   The crops look great, hold a ton of stuff, and are comfortable? What else to say? They rock! The only downside is that I can’t figure out a great way to carry water in these, but luckily, FlipBelt does make water bottles to fit specifically into their belts, so it looks like I will be placing another order on soon!

Happy runner in these fantastic crops

Want a pair of your own? Use code “BIBRAVE” to save 25% off yours at I hope you find them as life changing as I do!

What’s your favorite new piece of gear?  I’m linking up with the lovely ladies on Tuesdays on The Run


21 thoughts on “Product Review: Flipbelt Crops

  1. One of my fears while out on a run is losing my keys. I usually have a small pocket in my pants or shorts and double check to make sure the keys are still there.

    I have that belt but would like it to be waterproof. I keep my phone in there and by the end of the run my phone is wet. I guess I could put in in a small ziploc bag.


    1. rach

      I definitely lost my keys in the middle of the beach on a long run once – my husband was not a happy camper when I returned home and we had to pay for a replacement set at our apt complex!

      Yes -I would put your phone in the ziploc bag if it that’s an issue! That’s what my parents taught me to do when I first start cycling, and wanted to stash my phone in my jersey pocket

      Liked by 1 person

    1. rach

      Well, as the daughter of a physical therapist, I really don’t like to say anything is “compression” unless it is medical grade compression LOL. I don’t think they are advertised as compression (the way a CW-X pair may be) but depending on how you define compression they might work for you!


  2. I didn’t know Flipbelt made water bottles to fit into their belts!! Oooh, that might be a game changer for me! I love my flipbelt and, unless I’m wearing Skirt Sports gear with all the pockets (still amassing my stash), it’s always with me on the run. I put my phone in the back, too, because it’s the easiest spot and I don’t chafe with it there. I think I need to add a pair of the capris to my gear. 🙂


    1. rach

      I think the bottles are new-ish! I definitely want to try them. I am just worried I may not be coordinated to get them in/out of front pockets without stopping lol


  3. I’ve got a great running belt, and I can fit my keys, phone, tissues, and chews in the zip pouch. My trick with the belt is to have my bib at my waist, and I clip my running belt behind the bib. At least it’s partially hidden.


  4. I have a difficult time with running belts, no matter the style. It’s due to my small waist (or big hips LOL)…all the belts I use have to be cinched onto my natural waist otherwise they all will eventually migrate there and bounce like crazy. I wish they’d stay in place on my hips, but it’s not meant to be for me. That said, I have a HipsSister belt, which is very similar to your Flipbelt, and also a SPIbelt. Those crops look interesting! Could you feel anything bouncing, or did it feel like the weight of the stuff stowed in the pockets made the waistband feel like it was sliding down?


    1. rach

      I didn’t feel like anything was sliding! It felt like the belt – you know stuff is there, but as the run went on, you just get used to it and ignore it is there after a while (if that makes any sense)


  5. I love my Flip belt and these sound great! I would defining be concerned about the pants slipping down so Im glad they don’t. My only problem is I got a bigger iPhone recently and it doesn’t fit in a flip belt very well. I really have to squeeze it in there!


    1. rach

      The pants did not slip at all! I have an iPhone 7 and it fit fine, but I know they just keep getting bigger and bigger! I wish they would actually make a smaller sized one – it’s so hard to run with this giant phones. That’s why I held onto my 5s until its last dying breath haha


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